About TruScale



The TruScale System is a cutting edge ammunition and component weighing system designed to be a game changer for anyone in the ammunition industry. This technology was developed by ammunition manufactures who, through years of experience, recognized the need for innovation and cost reduction in the quality control process. The Truscale system represents a quantum leap forward in QC technology. The system is faster, more accurate, more efficient, more robust, and a safer way to inspect ammunition and components. TruScale is exactly what has been missing in ammunition quality control.

One of the major concerns of every ammunition manufacturer is shipping out of spec ammunition. The TruScale system is designed to virtually eliminate that risk.  With an accuracy of  +/- one tenth of one grain at up to 6000 rounds per hour, TruScale can detect weight related defects such as heavy or light projectiles, powder charges, brass, or lack of a primer. The weight variance is user programmable and can be set as low as 2/10ths of a grain or as high as 10 grains or more for large rounds. The system supports weighing rounds from 22LR to 50BMG and the technology is adaptable to build systems capable of weighing any round. Using 6 SIGMA standards in design and development, TruScale guaranties that every cartridge will be within spec with an accuracy of virtually 99.999999%. If safety, accuracy, and efficiency are your concerns then this unit is designed for you.

Cost savings:

The Truscale system is built to reduce cost by reducing labor and increasing efficiency in your QC process. The Truscale 2500 can do the work of up to 9 full time employees with the ability to weigh over 48,000 rounds per 8 hour shift in its standard configuration. 

Return on investment can be as short as 60 days depending on use load.

Veritas Inspection Systems is working with the insurance industry to help lower premiums. We are working to reduce the cost of insuring your business when using TruScale by demonstrating the reliability and safety of the platform.

Technology & Safety:

Using the 6SIGMA model the Truscale system is designed with the security of actual 12SIGMA reliability, meaning, the odds of having a component or round weigh out of specifications and pass are one in twelve billion, assuring that you will always have the proper weight and an accurate sort.

The TruScale 2500 system is also designed to store configurations for up to 25,000 different rounds or components so that the user can quickly access configuration information and always have the right data for the task at hand. With an easy to use touch screen interface, TruScale is quickly configurable, very intuitive and easy to use. User levels can be implemented so employees cannot change configuration settings without proper access, and manual weighing is available with no configuration needed, simply enter your high limit, your low limit, and begin weighing.

Match grade without the cost:

Combining one or more of the TruScale systems will allow the manufacturer to product match grade ammunition without the high cost of hand presorted components. By using TruScale with the optional 8 out sorter, brass and/or projectiles can be sorted down to +/- one tenth of grain each. When done, the components can be loaded with known weights, so when the finished product is sorted, the total weight including powder charge will be exact, producing a match quality round at half the price. The exact powder charge, exact brass weight and exact projectile weight allows the manufacturer to package like weight rounds in each box, thus producing match grade ammunition at a fraction of the cost of more expensive components.


Veritas TruScale 2500 system test